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Let’s make trading profitable!

  • A team with 10+ years of experience in nifty futures and options trading.
  • Get excellent nifty futures and options trading calls during market hours.

  • Live updates on revised stop loss, trailing stop loss, and profit booking.

“Our team is always up to date with the changes of financial markets, following everything that’s happening around the world.”

Sudheer Reddy


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days do I get the free trial?2021-03-03T09:19:42+00:00

You would get 5 trading sessions free trial.

Is there any option to extend my free trial?2021-03-03T11:34:50+00:00

No, but, you can take 15 days paid trial by paying INR.2,500/- for nifty futures and INR.1,500/- for the nifty options package.

I would like to subscribe nifty futures trading package, what kind of calls do I get?2021-03-03T11:37:17+00:00

You would get pure intraday nifty future trading calls on your Whatsapp mobile number.

I would like to subscribe nifty options package, what kind of calls do I get?2021-03-03T11:43:29+00:00

You would get option calls with stop loss and target price. Depending on the market conditions, we may advise you to carry the options to the next day.

How many calls can I expect in a month?2021-03-03T11:57:35+00:00

Nifty futures trading package subscribers would get 15-19 nifty future trading calls and nifty options package subscribers get 10-15 option calls in a month.

Would you be tracking and updating the open calls during market hours?2021-03-03T11:59:13+00:00

Yes, we keep updating you with the revised stop loss, trailing stop loss, partial profit booking, and final profit booking.

I subscribed to your package, but I am not trading due to unavoidable personal issues, can I get the refund of my subscription?2021-03-03T12:08:05+00:00

We do not refund the subscriptions under any circumstances. But, we can keep your subscription on hold and you can activate it again whenever you like. Please send us an email to – [email protected] for keeping your subscription on hold.  Thanks for understanding.